Easy Flippers Lending

Easy Flippers Lending, is the parent company to a group of privately owned businesses rooted within the real estate industry that presently operates as a  family office.  Easy Flippers Lending embodies the modern approach to operational and investment management while committed to transforming lives across generations. Our unique approach pursues high velocity growth and integration across multiple verticals within the industry.  

While many family offices provide a conservative and closed door approach to wealth preservation, Easy Flippers Lending focuses on continued innovation and expansion within its portfolio of companies, while balancing short term, mid term and long term investments for wealth gains.  Passion for collaboration, coaching, and education are core to Easy Flippers Lending’s philosophy, and serve as the key drivers in helping others achieve their personal and wealth goals for generations to come.

Easy Flippers Lending

As a leader, innovator, investor, and top-selling real estate agent, Easy Flippers Lending blends a unique marketing methodology with a results driven approach to real estate. Our real estate team of 40+ agents is ranked #9 in the country, by the Wall Street Journal, while selling over $2 billion in real estate. 

Easy Flippers Lending’s initial success with real estate sales and investments propelled us to broader opportunities which created the framework that is us today. Our passion for excellence and desire to enhance the client experience was our ignition to build and lead business ventures within the real estate industry.  

Easy Flippers Lending vision to systematize the home buying and selling experience promotes consistency and a seamless opportunity for both agent and clients while serving as a model to optimize profitability.  This methodology for wealth building led us to modes of passive wealth generation through lending.  

As the operating principal at Easy Flippers Lending has modernized the family office approach to operations and business growth. Under the Easy Flippers Lending umbrella, we had amassed his three greatest strengths; operational excellence, linear execution, and wealth management.

Today, our expertise is sought after as a national speaker and mentor across multiple industries focused on entrepreneurial business growth and leadership. 

Thomas Elrod

Thomas Elrod led The Elrod Team at Keller Williams International in Charlotte, NC. Ranked the #1 Team in the #1 Keller Williams office in the world, Thomas and his team excel at bringing buyers and sellers together with expert knowledge in negotiation.
Thomas comes from a marketing, business, and finance background. Before starting in the real estate business in 2010, Thomas worked in various sales industries. His 20 years of sales experience have made him a strong leader and skilled negotiator. His marketing background is an asset in maintaining aggressive marketing strategy to get your home sold quickly.
Thomas’ work ethic and drive comes from his family and his inspiration comes from providing the highest level of customer service while assisting others in making the best investment of their lives. As an involved member of the community, he strongly believes in giving back and mentoring others.

Mimi Hsu

Mimi Hsu was born and raised in Charlotte, making her one of the “unicorns” in the area since many people who were born here no longer reside in the city. She graduated from Elon University in 2011 with a Bachelors in Human Resources and has used her skills since 2012 to help grow the real estate team. Mimi has created the systems and processes that have led the team to become the #1 Team in the #1 Keller Williams office in the world. She enjoys traveling around the world, skydiving, scuba diving, and discovering the best places to eat.

Sabrina Song

As Chief Financial Officer,  Sabrina oversees the financial operations across all companies at Tanner Cap.  Native to California, Sabrina graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s Degree and joined Tanner Cap in 2008.  Her extensive real estate background allows her to manage the diverse operations at Tanner Cap by implementing best practices and ensuring profitability.

Melissa Goslin

With over 25 years experience in the real estate industry, Melissa is the cornerstone of Versara Capital and Fast Easy Offer within TannerCap. Her mastery of the wholesale deal and private equity experience makes her key to the explosive growth of both businesses. Under Melissa’s leadership at Versara Capital, Tanner Cap manages the consistent deployment of short term capital investments by making private loans backed by real estate.  Melissa currently oversees $65 million in real estate investments across multiple asset classes.  

Cynthia Gastelum

Cynthia Gastelum is the heart of the organization at Tanner Cap serving as Brett Tanner’s Executive Assistant for over 12 years. Cynthia’s savvy, outside the box thinking plays an integral role in the growth and excellence produced within Tanner Cap. Winner of the “Culture Keeper” award for three years in a row, Cynthia has the ability to infuse positivity and “smile” into any situation and provides the impetus to the organization’s drive toward excellence. Cynthia always maintains a high-standard of serving others and the ability to help and encourage people by believing in them.  

Katelyn Mitchell

Over the past 20 years Katelyn Mitchell has been preparing for her role at Net Worth Builders- Tanner Capital Holdings Coaching and Training division.  Her journey from residential real estate, to sales management, and then to launching a division within the largest real estate franchise in the world, prepared her for her next chapter at Tanner Capital Holdings. 

Katelyn’s experience working with and training the Top 100 agents across the country set the foundation for her ventures at Tanner Cap. Through Brett’s partnership, Katelyn launched, scaled, and managed complex business operations across all business lines.  Her present role at Net Worth Builders allows her to facilitate the successes of private clients and members in their journey of business and personal wealth growth. 

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